We have a very good presence across the channel. This is especially true across social media and channel publications where we have a strong following from the content that we produce.

What happens with an awareness of brand is that you notice a decline in awareness for what we actually do.

Many are aware of how revolutionary our technology is for the future of the channel, some people think we are a channel consulting company, some people think we just write about channel and ecosystems!

Whilst we do the consulting piece to vendors just getting started with channel sales, it is not our primary activity. We don’t even market our channel development / channel strategy services but people still come to us for it.

Have we uncovered a gap in the market for a great need by giving away free information on how to set things up and how to get things thriving?

I wouldn’t say so. I would just say that there is a huge need at the moment for people with channel skills.

It’s becoming ever more difficult to find people with the skills required to build out a successful channel and ecosystem.

The big quit contributed to lots of skilled people leaving their employers to start their own consultancy company.

That still begs the question “Why do people come to us for this when that’s not our primary function?”

I guess the publishing of mind bending content is contributing to that aspect.

We get an influx of vendors wanting us to build their channel after we publish “how to” articles on things like “how to onboard distributors”, “how to find partners”, “training and certification” etc etc.

It’s happened time and time again. The calendars are blocked up with initial meetings, demos and onboarding calls and around 25% of those meetings end up in a conversation about us developing their channel.

We don’t take them all, we do take some.

It hit home just yesterday when we had a call with prominent channel consultant in the US who is on the board of one of our largest competitors.

The conversation went along the lines of “I never knew you did that! That’s very very smart!”

The reason they didn’t know we did what we do is because we don’t give everything away.

When the light bulb switches on when people see what we do, they are blown away that nobody has ever done what we do.

So what does Channelyze do?

We are a pure software play that orchestrates ecosystems for vendors, distributors, resellers, MSP’s,SI’s, referral partners and a new partner type that we are not going to give away just yet.

We provide a platform to the vendor

We provide a platform to the distributors

We provide a platform to the partners

We are not “another partner portal”

Partner experience booster

We do not require partners to visit every vendors site that they work with as we don’t embed into the vendors website

We are a complete channel management solution for every side of the ecosystem.

The vendors have their own platform that looks like a very traditional PRM

The distributors have a single portal that every vendor that they work with can plug into

The partners have a single portal with every vendor that they choose to bring into it

The true single pane of glass

Everything in Channelyze is connected together. Whether that is loosely connected or strongly connected. Vendors may work with the same partners. That shouldn’t be silo’d.

This is how the single portal for partners works.

A single portal login for the partner to access everything they need from ALL vendors that they are working with.

Partners, distributors, MSP’s…. whoever can add in whichever vendors they want in there.

We might even talk about building your channel with our geographically distributed team 🙂

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